Eco Days success at Lathallan

Lathallan School played host to two successful Eco Days welcoming pupils from other schools in the area

Lathallan School Senior eco-warriors challenged Mearns Academy pupils in a selection of activities, such as building a water wheel in the burn and sampling and cleaning a polluted water habitat in the Science laboratory.

The first challenge involved identification of species found in the burn, followed by a comparison of clean water species and dirty water species in the lab. The next task was measuring abiotic factors, such as oxygen concentration, nitrates and phosphates, which helped in Task 4, which was to filter the dirty water sample.

The afternoon activities was more about the day’s theme of ‘water’. The tasks involved building a model water wheel, as well as a guttering race which saw the teams attempt to get the outdoor water wheel to turn. After that there were river calculations to be done, which measured the power from the water wheel.

The final challenge of the day saw the teams design a use for the water wheel and build a duck raft from natural materials, which they then raced!

Everything hinged on the Duck Race. Mearns Academy won the race, and thus won the coveted Senior Eco-Day title, only by four points.