Eco Schools Conference

Maureen Watt, MSP for Aberdeen South and North Kincardine, Kyrsten Black, Dean of Campus at the Scottish Agricultural College, Craibstone, Aberdeen, and Eve Keepax, Policy Officer (Food and the Environment) of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s flagship education programme, Eco-Schools Scotland, rallied together last week to welcome Primary School delegates to Craibstone to a conference on the newest Eco-Schools Scotland topic – ‘Food and the Environment’.

The topic aims to inspire and educate young people about food issues such as the use of Scottish produce, seasonality, waste reduction and food preparation.

Eco-Schools Scotland is an initiative which encourages schools throughout the country to improve their environmental performance and, through its ‘Food and the Environment’ topic, funded by the Scottish Government, aims to inspire passion in young people to reconnect with where their food comes from, and learn about sustainable food choices in a very dynamic way.

The conference will bring 60 primary school pupils and staff together from schools across Aberdeenshire to learn about sustainable food.