Business Breakfast offers unique glimpses

Two pupils conducted an interview with John Wotherspoon of  GDF SUEZ.
Two pupils conducted an interview with John Wotherspoon of GDF SUEZ.

Mearns Academy hosted a business breakfast which welcomed representatives from different businesses who have collaborated with the school on work experience.

They were given a unique chance to get a glimpse into modern school life and the prospects and ethos of Mearns Academy.

The hearty, breakfast-fuelled lively chatter had the room was buzzing with positivity, belying the earliness of the hour.

Presentations were then given by rector Ian Parkin and his colleagues ,explaining to the prospective future business associates about the new Mearns Academy Campus and how National Qualifications work.

The dynamics of the new qualifications were met with mixed responses – how do they compare to older systems and are students gaining as much out of it? #

Essentially, it was a fear of the unknown. In contrast to their doubts, there was a resounding understanding of the importance of work experience.

Donna Allan, of Impact Imaging, said: “It’s reassuring and inspiring. The ethos of the pupils and the school puts others to shame. It would be great for every school to do the same.”

It’s clear that the representatives are very willing to provide placements for pupils. It is vital experience and preparation for the work place is essential.

The morning also featured presentations from some fourth year pupils, explaining what they did for work experience and what it meant to them, and it proved to be very touching for the representatives.

Mearns Academy recently had a very successful ski trip, where three members of staff and two other adults accompanied 32 pupils to the Aosta Valley in the Italian Alps.

Pupils and staff left the school on Saturday, February 8, and returned on Sunday the 16th. They managed to get six days of very enjoyable skiing in and a wonderful time was had by all.

A variety of evening activities was also arranged for everyone, including a pizza night, and ice cream night and a quiz night. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves will hopefully be encouraged to ski more often. 

The Academy has a range of clubs on offer that both staff and pupils can join. One of these is our Eco Club. There are roughly five pupils and five staff involved in it, who are currently in the process of conducting an environmental review and submitting a green flag application.

The club meets alternate Friday lunchtimes, where the pupils take it in turns to write up the minutes and discuss various topics.

A range of pupils grouped together to compete in this years Rock Challenge in Aberdeen’s AECC. The group choreographed their own dance routines, to present to the judges at the event.

Although the group did not manage to place in the competition, they were given awards based on excellence in soundtrack and concept.

It’s not only the dancers of the school who have had the chance to have their talents shown, but the keen designers have had the opportunity to create costumes for the dancers.

Many other pupils and staff have helped out with make-up, staging, and other areas.

Pupils and staff are ‘Sticking with Foncho’ this year to support Fair-Trade. Senior pupils have been selling Fair-Trade chocolate, bananas and geo-bars around the school. Petitions to stop the threatening of farmers futures are also being handed out.