Green-minded Laurencekirk Primary pupils strike gold...

Laurencekirk Primary school won gold
Laurencekirk Primary school won gold

Laurencekirk Primary School has received a gold award from the Woodland Trust for getting involved in green activities.

This included tree planting, visiting a local woodland, reducing carbon emissions and recycling.

The Green Tree Schools initiative, which has seen over 6400 schools sign up since it was launched in 2008, offers the opportunity to bring the great outdoors, wildlife and green issues into the classroom.

Schools win awards for participating in green activities, which include tree planting, reducing carbon emissions and recycling.

Laurencekirk has planted new trees in the school grounds, visited Denlethan Woods regularly, reduced their carbon emissions and joined in various other Woodland Trust activities.

Mrs Davey, depute headteacher, said: “We have been working towards this award for years. Many teachers, staff and parents have been involved in earning points along the way, too many to mention by name.

“This is a great achievement and we are very proud. We are so lucky to have wonderful school grounds and open spaces within our local community and our commitment to protecting these spaces for others to use is strong.

“Our work will continue this year and we will be aiming for the Platinum Award next. We can’t wait.”

Karen Letten, Woodland Trust schools communications manager, added: “The scheme promotes a range of opportunities, each designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and sustain their interest in woods and trees.

“The achievements of the school are recognised through an awards scheme in which they receive points for taking part in activities.

“As they reach milestones within the project they will receive bronze, silver and finally an attractive wooden plaque which acknowledges they’ve achieved the environmental accolade of a gold award.”

The Green Tree Award is free for schools to take part in, and during 2014 the Woodland Trust is also offering free packs of trees to schools.

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