Mill O’Forrest pupils get stuck in to Food and Drink Fortnight

Tom Lewis showing the pupils how it is done
Tom Lewis showing the pupils how it is done

Mill O’Forest Primary School has taken part in a load of different events to raise awareness for Food and Drink Fortnight.

The event that was held in Mill O’ Forest Primary School last Tuesday, September 10, was in partnership with Taste PR and Eco Schools Scotland.

Tom Lewis at Mill O'Forest

Tom Lewis at Mill O'Forest

In the morning P1 – P3 pupils learned about local foods that grow in and around their local community. The six classes all drew and coloured in local foods onto their own personalised paper plates.

Each class then worked with a range of seasonal and local foods in preparation for the afternoon’s celebrations. In the afternoon the pupils came together to share their picnic using the plates that they had decorated in the morning.

Soft red fruits from Castleton Farm were very kindly donated to the school for the One World Picnic and pupils all had the chance to try healthy and delicious blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

The more senior pupils named their One World Picnic Event “Mill O’s Munching Miles”. Over 150 pupils left their normal lessons and joined together to work in their Houses.

They started by considering where different fruits grew and how they were transported to reach our supermarkets/local grocers. They then designed and planned a healthy fruit salad that they would enjoy eating based on the five-a-day principle. Next, using world maps and their ICT skills they worked out the air miles that the ingredients had travelled to reach their dessert bowl. They were then challenged to see which other countries grew the same fruits to see how low they could bring their air miles total.

This term, Primary 4HS have been learning about their local community and this topic has obviously made links to the sea and fishing as Stonehaven is a coastal town.

Their class was chosen to work with chef Tom Lewis from Monachyle Mhor. They had a thoroughly enjoyable “hands-on” experience where they learned how to fillet a whole fresh hake, prepare squid and use vegetables that the school had grown at the allotment to make a simple yet mouth-watering meal. This encouraged pupils to try new flavours (like capers and fennel) and think about the food that is so easily available on their doorstep.