Parents complain about school parking

Portlethen Primary School.
Portlethen Primary School.

Parking problems outside Portlethen Primary School are a “disaster waiting to happen,” according to one concerned parent.

The school, which is in a built up area, has limited parking spaces and parents are resorting to double parking and blocking others at drop off and pick up times.

Community councillor Ian Bruce, whose children attend the school, told Portlethen and District Community Council he was worried that an accident could happen outside the school, adding: “The area becomes a bottleneck.

“There needs to be a bigger police presence to try to deter people from parking anywhere and everywhere.”

Fellow community councillor Alec Reid agreed, but said it was difficult to reduce the number of cars travelling to the school every day

He added: “A lot of initiatives have been tried by the school, but they’re not working.

“A lot of the parents have no choice but to drive to the school - they may be picking up other children from elsewhere in a short time frame - or some parents go straight to work after dropping their children off.

‘‘Also, children coming from Hillside can’t be expected to walk - it’s too far.”

Chairman Ron Sharp added: “This is especially a problem as there is no school crossing patroller there just now.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are aware of the parking issues outside Portlethen Primary and local officers continue to pay passing attention to the area”.

The meeting also heard that parents at Portlethen were hoping to set up an after school club, but neededto hear from more interested parents if the scheme was going to move forward.

Councillor Alison Evison said: ‘‘There is a clear need for additional out-of-school care in Portlethen to support working parents. The existing out-of-school club at Portlethen Academy is at capacity and parents are having to look elsewhere for local provision.

‘‘Over the last few months I have been discussing the issues with concerned parents and we are currently developing a proposal for an independent parent-run club to be located at Portlethen Primary School.

‘‘This will need to be approved by the Care Commission and will be dependent on enough children attending to make it financially viable. However, if all goes well, I hope that it can be up and running in the near future.”