Scots artist’s tips for pupils

Left to right - Eve Young, Steven Brown, Isla Nicholson and Daniel Shaw
Left to right - Eve Young, Steven Brown, Isla Nicholson and Daniel Shaw

Pupils at an Aberdeenshire school perfected their brushstrokes with a visit from Scottish artist Steven Brown.

The artist, who is the painter behind the McCoo and McZoo cow and animal collections, recently cast an eye over the work of children at Banchory-Devenick Primary School.

After joining the youngsters for school dinner, he spoke to them about his work and set up a painting area to share some of his art tips.

The younger pupils showed him their own McZoo paintings and the older ones shared their McCoo pieces.

Shirley Sutherland, the teacher who organised the visit, said: “We’ve been looking forward to Steven’s visit for some time and the pupils have been hard at work on their own McCoo and McZoo creations.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the children to meet and learn from a talented Scottish artist.”

Pupil Daniel Shaw said: “Steven Brown’s art is very colourful, like a rainbow.”

Another pupil Isla Nicholson, added: “It’s amazing to have Steven Brown coming to visit our school.”

And Eve Young said: “His paintings are very colourful. I like the McZoos.”

Steven Brown has turned a painting hobby into a lucrative and successful career.

The former fast food restaurant manager suffered a heart attack around seven years ago and during his recuperation started to paint.

He retaught himself how to use paint by looking at the techniques used by different artists and practicing relentlessly.