Wild West Trip for Mackie pupils

Mackie pupils head off on their Wild West Trip this Saturday
Mackie pupils head off on their Wild West Trip this Saturday

After two years of saving up and fund raising the excitement is finally coming to a climax as 50 Mackie Academy students and six staff depart on Saturday for the school’s 4th Wild West trip.

Starting off in Los Angeles and finishing in Phoenix, students will participate in an unforgettable experience of a lifetime touring 3 States on the west coast of America.

The educational impact of this experience will remain with the students for a lifetime.

As the students get out of the classroom and experience real America culture, geography, and work on managing their budget in a different currency to name but a few. Students were made fully aware of the benefit of the fund raising activities prior to the trip where Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Cancer Research charities have benefited.

Their experience is broadened further as they engage with cowboys and ranch-hands at the fantastic Saguaro Lake ranch in Arizona. Such a relationship has now been built up between the school and the ranch that they are very much anticipating Mackie’s return for a few nights.

An inter-cultural experience will be had as Mackie students engage with the locals at a ceilidh in the desert and teach the locals some traditional Scottish ceilidh dances. In return, the cowboys will be sharing some of their own traditional line dances.

The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Country and Route 66 will all feature in a trip where students will discover a part of a country with stunning geography, history and culture.

So as they get oiling their spurs in anticipation of an exciting experience a full report and pictures will be shared later in the month.