Election results

Following yesterdays local council elections the results are in.

North Kincardine (Ward 17)- Alison Evison (labour), Alistair Beus (SNP), Ian Mollison (Liberal Democrat) and Carl Nelson (Conservative) turnout was 37.5%

Stonehaven and Lower Deeside (Ward 18) - Wendy Agnew (Conservative), Graeme Clark (SNP), Peter Bellarby (Liberal Democrats) and Raymond Christie (Labour) turnout was 38.59%

Mearns (Ward 19)- George Carr (Conservative), Jean Dick (SNP), Bill Howaston (Liberal Democrat) and Dave Stewart (Independent) turnout was 38.2%

The Kicardine and Mearns area Councillors stand at 3 SNP, 3 Conservative, 3 Liberal Democrat, 2 Labour and 1 Independent.

The Kincardine and Mearns area was previously made up of the following parties; 6 Liberal Democrat, 3 Conservatives and 3 SNP.

They were Liberal Democrat; Paul Melling ( ward 17), Ian Mollison (ward 17), Bill Howaston (ward 19), Tom Fleming (ward 19), Michael Sullivan (ward 18) and Peter Bellarby (ward 18).

Conservative; George Carr (ward 19), Wendy Agnew (ward 18) and Carl Nelson (ward 17).

SNP; Graeme Clark (ward 18), Jean Dick (ward 19) and Alistair Beus (ward 17). With Liberal Democrat’s as the majority party Councillor Paul Melling was area chair.

The three seats lost by the Liberal Democrats in this election were; Tom Fleming- who did not seek re-election, Mike Sullivan- who did not seek re-election and Paul Melling who failed to be re-elected.

Overall no one party won a majority on Aberdeenshire Council. SNP 28 seats (+7), Conservatives 14 (+1), Liberal Democrats 12 (-9), Independents 11 (+2), and Green 1 seat (+1).