Elsick exhibition underway

THE latest stage of public consultation about a new town which is set to be built near Newtonhill is underway.

New plans and research for the proposed £1 billion settlement of Chapelton of Elsick are currently on dispaly at Cookney Hall, with representatives and consultants from the Elsick Development Company available for questions and discussion.

The exhibition began yesterday (Wednesday), running from 2pm to 9pm, and will continue today (Thursday) between 10am and 8pm. Members of the public are urged to attend to view and offer comments on the proposals.

The public consultation follows a 10 day charrette in September last year when the public were involved in developing the new community’s masterplan. The detailed findings of the charrette were recently introduced to members of the public in Newtonhill and Portlethen through a post-charrette paper, which was distributed to 5,000 homes across the local area.

The exhibition is the first public event since the charrette, and includes new information on technical studies undertaken this winter, as well as information on the settlement’s masterplan and architecture. Details on the anticipated planning process are also available at the exhibition.

David Southesk of the Elsick Development Company said: “The ultimate success of the community and our masterplan is dependent on the contributions that we receive from local residents. We have been able to take most views into consideration and altered the masterplan as and when the comments have been provided.”

Since the charrette, new studies of the area have been carried out and reports drawn up by the team of ecologists, infrastructure engineers and environmentalists, which identify the full range of technical and aesthetic opportunities and constraints presented by the site. In due course the findings will be available for review and scrutiny by the public as well as planning officials.

Elsick’s Landscape Architecture team is currently conducting an assessment of the potential visual impact of the settlement on the wider area, and say the result of that analysis will be used to determine what measures should be taken to frame or screen views of Chapelton.

Lead landscape architect Janet Benton said: “Ultimately the new Chapelton community will have a unique landscape which is sympathetic to its agricultural past whilst integrating a diverse range of new wooded areas, parks, gardens and squares which are easily accessible from every neighbourhood. We are looking forward to developing the landscape strategy further as the planning for the community moves forward.”