Engineer to attend Flood meeting

Stonehaven residents affected by the recent flooding have a great opportunity to question the Aberdeenshire engineer appointed to manage the delivery of the flood alleviation plans for Stonehaven.

Rachel Kennedy took up her post in March and has already met representatives of Stonehaven Flood Action.

A spokesman for the pressure group told the Leader that there were encouraging signs but still a lot of questions to be answered about what exactly is going to be done and how quickly we can see action on the ground.

The Group urges people who want to see an end to the threat of flooding to come to the meeting and judge how well the Council is doing.

Information is available from the website,

The Stonehaven Flood Action Group was set up this year after Stonehaven was struck by two flood events at the end of last year. Many of the members were also affected by flooding in 2009.