Economic impact on Bervie Braes being assessed

bervie braes
bervie braes

An assessment has begun this week to determine the economic benefit brought to the Stonehaven area by the Bervie Braes road, from Dunottar Castle to the town.

Aberdeenshire Council’s economic development team is following up on the reopening of the route earlier this year by the authority’s roads service. The local community successfully campaigned for the reopening of the road after it was closed following major landslips at the Bervie Braes in 2009.

It is currently open one-way until October, to address concerns over the economic impact on businesses and tourism caused by the closure. It will close for the winter season and reopen in the Spring to give tourists visiting nearby Dunottar Castle a more direct route into the town itself. It has a weight limit of three tonnes, a speed limit of 20mph and barriers have been installed as an added safety measure.

A system is in place to trigger the closure of the road if there is concern about the stability of the slope in the event of particularly heavy rainfall.

Reopening of the road cost £300,000 and officers continue to monitor and review the condition of the slopes at Bervie Braes.

Stonehaven Town Partnership previously commissioned an initial Economic Impact Assessment to assess the closure’s effect on local businesses. Although the assessment confirmed the scope of economic impact, the precise value could not be calculated without a visitor survey and full impact assessment.