Horizon win Silver Gilt for shining ‘Coastal Town...’

Planters from the Stonehaven Horizon group
Planters from the Stonehaven Horizon group

The Stonehaven Horizon group have been given a top award by Beautiful Scotland in the Coastal Town category, receiving a Silver Gilt.

At an award ceremony in Aberdeen last Friday, Lord Purvis, ambassador for Keep Scotland Beautiful, announced that the Horizon group had been awarded the Silver Gilt - the second time they have achieved this feat.

In total, five entrants from the North-eEast region of Scotland competed and received medal certificates for their efforts.

Judges from Beautiful Scotland were in Stonehaven at the end of July and taken on a tour of the town, being shown the new planters that were installed by the group.

Horizon had been working around the clock to get the town into top shape for the judges including showing them a presentation of the damage caused to the area by last year’s floods.

Stonehaven Horizon Convenor Rosemary Clark said: “This is a very high accolade for a small group of volunteers to achieve and the joint working with Aberdeenshire Council and the local business association have been integral to making this possible.

“Horizon is very grateful for the excellent working relationships we have with the town and people of Stonehaven and know that this achievement would be impossible without their help.

‘‘We would like to thank the town.”

Beautiful Scotland is a competition run by the independent charity Keep Scotland Beautiful in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society and judged on a yearly basis.