Mess of Portlethen topic of Council meeting

Last week’s Portlethen and District Community Council meeting highlighted problem areas with increasing amounts of debris in Portlethen resulting in the area becoming unhygenic and unsightly.

Concerns have been raised among Hillside residents who voiced their complaints to the Community Council and a Stewart Milne Homes representative with regard to bins in the area. The residents said the litter bins provided at the housing estate’s playparks are rarely emptied and constantly overflowing. One resident said he had previously reported the problem to Aberdeenshire Council who informed him it was not their responsibility. After raising the issue with Stewart Milne Homes and the PDCC, the residents say nothing has yet been done.

The overflowing bins are not only an eyesore but are worrying residents, many of which are young families with small children playing in the area. The bins are described to be crawling with ants and festering with flies. Residents are worried that the rubbish lying around this semi-rural area is bait for attracting rats and possibly foxes and many have noticed an increase in seagulls in the area. The open top bins are also being used by dogwalkers to dispose of their dog waste as no dog bins have yet been supplied. This means when the litter bins are overflowing, dog mess is also falling out and into the play area of children.

Another area that sparked concern was the beach area. Following the recent spell of good weather one community council member said he felt people needed to start cleaning up after themselves and become responsible human beings. He recently saw a green object floating in the sea which when he got closer realised it was a discarded paddling pool and found a plastic cricket set abandoned and scattered across the beach. He previously brought the issue up with Grampian Police that the area gets frequented by youths who leave numerous empty alcohol bottles and equipment associated with drugs behind.

Another litter problem raised was the ongoing trouble with leftover food and packaging being dropped during the Academy’s lunch hour. Residents of streets that are between the Academy and local shops or fast food eateries are becoming victims to rubbish infested streets with pupils dropping their wrappings and unwanted food instead of finding the nearest bin. This could also potentially attract vermin and foxe. The PDCC said the school has been notified about this.