Seal pup rescued from Newburgh beach

Snowy the seal pup
Snowy the seal pup

The Scottish SPCA is caring for an orphaned grey seal pup that was found alone on Newburgh beach.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity was alerted on Wednesday, October 26, after the seal pup, who was only a few days old, was discovered by a member of the public.

The seal is now in the care of the charity’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross, and has been named Snowy.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said: “Snowy is our first grey seal pup of the season, which will last until March or April next year and usually sees us treat over 100 injured or orphaned pups.

“Snowy is currently being rehydrated and then she will be fed a diet of fish soup.

“Following that, she will be moved onto a diet consisting of whole fish and will be moved into one of our large outdoor pools with other seals until she reaches release weight.”

Mr Seddon added: “We’ve no doubt she’ll be joined by many more seal pups in the coming weeks and months.”

The Scottish SPCA is urging members of the public to contact its animal helpline on 03000 999 999 if they see a distressed seal pup lying on the shore this winter.