Woodland site for poultry farm

chicken farm
chicken farm

A poultry conservation farm, which has ruffled some feathers in Luthermuir, is being moved to a new home outside the village.

Residents had been complaining that the noise of the chickens could be deafening in the area, as the farm was home to more than 200 birds.

Local joiner Mitchell Simpson, who keeps the poultry to the rear of his home, has now been granted planning permission to relocate to a 12-acre woodland site on the outskirts of Luthermuir.

The application will see the erection of a two-storey building to house a flat and joiner’s workshop, along with a new poultry rearing and egg production unit for up to 600 birds, after a three-year battle to seek a new home for his fowls.

Mr Simpson started keeping the birds as a hobby and now houses chickens and cockerels.

He also preserves rare breeds such as pheasants and capercaillies.

However, some residents feel that the move will not solve the problem.

One resident, who declined to be named, said: “I think moving the chickens from where they currently are to the woodland area situated at Caldhame is only moving the problem.

‘‘The noise pollution affecting residents within Luthermuir will only move to affect other residents.”

Another resident added: “The birds will be just as noisy in the forest as they would be where they currently are.

“I am not looking forward to having to endure the sound of around 600 noisy birds.”