Facelift for Bervie car park

progress is being made at the beach car parks in Inverbervie, following years of campaigning from residents and local councillors for improvements to be made there.

Following a funding boost from the Kincardine and Mearns Top Up Fund, the car park adjacent to the beach front has been given a tarmac surface and the beach walkway to Gourdon has been repaired. The wooden rails along the car park front have also been replaced with composite material and the rails themselves re-used to repair the fencing in the vicinity which had also been damaged.

Mearns Conservative Councillor George Carr has welcomed the progress.

He said: “The local Community Council and myself have been working with Iain Thomson from Aberdeenshire Council Landscape Services to see improvements this area of Inverbervie which had a definite neglected look a couple of years ago.

“I contacted Scottish Water to see if their control box could be replaced as it was rusted and unsightly with a tatty security fence around it. We were all thrilled to see a completely new box installed last month and the fencing can now be removed.

“Future works will see new tourist information boards erected and the wooden information shelter given a new roof and spruced up. Several pot holes have appeared in the area too, so we hope to see those filled and the surface graded. New plants have been ordered by the Council and will be planted over the next few weeks to give the area a boost.

“The Mearns coastal area is one of our greatest attractions to tourists and it is vital that we provide the best facilities we can and make them as attractive as possible. I’m convinced that the improvements to the beach front area at Inverbervie will provide the right ambience and welcome tourists.”.