Farmer retires after 50 years

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A Marykirk farmer received an award for 50 years service at a local farm last week on the day he retired.

Dennis Marshall was the longest serving employee of Dykelands Farm near Laurencekirk and started working on the farm at the young age of fifteen.

Dennis, who turned 65 on Sunday, says he now plans to do “as little as possible” but he won’t go too far as he’ll be on hand to help the farm out on certain jobs such as the daffodils - as the farm is one of the biggest daffodil growers in Scotland.

When Dennis started at the farm in 1962 he said there were 62 workers on the farm and very little machinery compared to now having only 3 workers and lots of technology. Dennis started off bottling milk in the dairy before getting into the horticultural side as well as various tractor jobs.

The farm has been running since 1938 and Dennis it the only employee to get 50 years.