Feedback sought on Partnership projects

STONEHAVEN could soon have a central ticket office if the community lends its support to the idea.

This is just the first of several projects which feature on a “tentative” list of prioritised ideas drawn up by umbrella organisation Stonehaven Town Partnership (STP).

The organisation, which has around 55 members at present, works with local groups to develop and support initiatives in the town which are aimed at increasing the vitality of Stonehaven’s economy - its tourism, its shopping and its services.

Having successfully overseen a £181,500 revamp of the Town Hall and facilitated the birth of the StonehavenTown Hall Trust to look after the running of the building, secretary of STP David Fleming said the group are now ready to get started on other projects.

Top of the list is a central ticket office which would provide the facility for any organisation in the town to accept bookings for tickets for a function or venue.

This idea initially arose from the requirement of the Town Hall to have its own booking system independent of Aberdeenshire Council, but a number of other organisations have since expressed an interest in the facility.

Also under consideration is a “Food Town” initiative, which would focus on cementing Stonehaven’s reputation for good food in restaurants and shops in the town, while refreshing a popular map and brochure of the town for visitors is also under way.

David Fleming, secretary of STP, said: “We have lots of potential projects, none of which are as dramatic as the Town Hall, which we are thinking about and trying to get going. These have very much come from people in the town as ways of improving Stonehaven.

“There is a lot of exciting things going on in Stonehaven and going on in the minds of people in Stonehaven and part of the partnership’s job is to encourage and facilitate these so that good projects see the light of day and are brought to a successful conclusion.

“All the organisations in Stonehaven, both members and non-members, should be able to contribute to these improvements.

“STP is a partnership and that means that organisations in the town should be giving feedback to ensure the plans are what the whole community wants.”

The group is also currently involved in ensuring a successful future for both the Tolbooth Museum and the Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park, which Aberdeenshire Council can no longer afford to run.

Anyone who would like to find out more about the projects or to discuss them further should contact David Fleming on 01569 767200.