Festive drink-drive campaign launched

Grampian Police are taking part in the national ACPOS Festive Drink/Drug Driving Campaign, which is running from Monday December 6 to Monday January 3 2011. Police Officers will be patrolling local roads looking for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Chief Inspector Ian Wallace, Head of Road Policing said, “Christmas is a time for giving and receiving presents, but our message to all north east motorists is: DON’T PLACE YOURSELF IN A POSITION WHEREBY YOU RECEIVE AN UNWANTED GIFT THIS CHRISTMAS!

“If you are detected drink or drug driving, some of the ‘unwanted gifts’ you might receive include:

*losing your driving licence

*receiving a large fine

*losing your job

*having your vehicle forfeited if you are a repeat offender

*a period in jail

*death or serious injury,”

It is estimated that one in nine road deaths in Scotland involve drink drivers and if drivers think they can avoid detection, THINK AGAIN, as Grampian Police has already detected nearly 800 drink and drug offences this year. Unfortunately, the Festive period normally sees an increase in the number, despite all the warnings that are given.

Across Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen statistics show that younger people are the drivers being detected for these offences. During the past three years, about 32% of all drink/drug drive offenders are aged 16-25yrs, while 30% are in the 26–35 age group.

Police Officers will be out throughout the campaign period, seeking out those who take the totally unnecessary risk of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The simple answer to avoid this is to make suitable arrangements to get home safely, such as

*designate someone as the driver who refrains from drinking alcohol

*use public transport or arrange a lift.

*if you are walking, try not to walk home alone and ensure you are fit to walk home safely.

In the past few years, a number of local serious and fatal pedestrian collisions have involved people walking home having consumed significant amounts of alcohol. If you are thinking of consuming alcohol, ask the simple question, ‘if you’re not going to be fit to drive, are you really fit enough to walk?’

So remember, If you are planning to drive over the Festive period the safest ‘limit’ is zero and you can avoid receiving an unwanted gift this Christmas!