Fettercairn Allotment looks to 2015

Fettercairn Community Allotment
Fettercairn Community Allotment

Fettercairn Community Allotment are holding a meeting today (Thursday) to discuss their plans for the 2015 season.

The meeting will be held in the Fettercairn Village Hall at 7.30pm.

The group are happy to report another successful growing season and, thanks to the funding provided by European Community Rural Aberdeenshire LEADER 2007-2013 Programme and Aberdeenshire Council ,they have been able to undertake a lot of work on site to support the project.

Fettercairn Allotment group said: “During the year we have expanded the raised growing bed area, fitted a water capture system, built a fence along the edge of the site adjacent to the burn and purchased several items to protect and support crops during growing.

“We plan to install a fruit cage in the coming month to protect the soft fruits next season along with some educational signs designed for our younger participants.”

The Buzzin’ Bees toddler group continue to be involved at the allotment and have worked hard to add sensory and educational items to their area this year.

The group have been involved in a number of allotment events throughout the year which included a trip to Banchory to meet other frowers at the Woodend Barn Allotments.

They added: “In addition ,we visited the Aberdeenshire Bee Keepers at Crathes Castle for an informative talk on bee keeping and then some sampling of the honey. A family craft day was a great success onsite during the summer with lots of colourful creations being made to add to the outdoor space.

“Looking forward to 2015, we are planning to lease individual plots alongside our communal spaces.

‘‘We are holding our meeting in the village hall to discuss this further and would welcome anyone along that might be interested in getting involved.

‘‘If you would like any further details please contact Sue on Tel 01561 340673.”