Fire walk raises money for charity

A Stonehaven teenager has raised over £600 for a cancer charity by completing a charity fire walk.

Alicia Burnett from Stonehaven, who is currently studying Music in Glasgow, took part in the fire walk to raise money for the charity the Beatson Pebble appeal. She decided to raise money for a Cancer charity following the death of her beloved Grandad from the disease earlier this year, she wanted to raise money to try and make sure no-one has to go through what he went through. She said she was nervous before the walk but by the time she was doing it she felt confident. The nineteen year old said: “We had a two hour pep talk and inspirational chat before hand. They had us doing mind over matter exercises before it so by the time it came I was feeling confident.” She explains that after watching others walk across the fire she was raring to go. But was it hot? She said: “No surprisingly not. You are walking so quickly and it is over in five seconds. It is very warm but it doesn’t hurt.” Alicia raised well over her target of £500 and is currently sitting at £640 for the Beatson pebble appeal which is raising funds to build the Beatson Translational Research Centre; the final element in the creation of the Glasgow Centre for Cancer Research.