Fireworks spectacular for Laurencekirk

THIS year Laurencekirk is set to have a bonfire and fireworks night following many years in the Town without such an event taking place.

This event was the main discussion at the latest meeting on the Laurencekirk Business Club (LBC) which held in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of Hugo’s.

It was a very productive meeting with members discussing plans for events to be held later in the year.

The LBC plan to organize a bonfire/firework night in the village of Laurencekirk on Saturday November 2. Linda Faquharson from Hugo’s chaired the meeting and everyone was involved in planning for the night in order to make it a very successful event for Laurencekirk community.

It has been many years since Laurencekirk has held a bonfire night and people have been used to venturing further afield to be part of an organised Bonfire Event so it is an excellent opportunity for everyone locally to be involved and part of this special night.

The primary concern is to establish a site for the event, which is deemed safe and which is accessible for the public, so its vital we get permission from one of the local landowners for this. If anyone locally knows anyone that could assist us in this matter please contact Donna Allan on 01561377389.

Mark Farquarson from Hugo’s and Andrew Ogilvie from Mearns Hardware have the expertise and training to plan the firework display which will be a wonderful opportunity to entertain the public. There will also be plans to involve local companies and provide entertainment and refreshments on the night of the event.

Further information will be given about this nearer the time and please check the AB30 local Website for further details.

Obviously organizing such an event involves raising money to fund such a project so a great deal of discussion and brainstorming went into sharing ideas for fund raising projects and sponsorship. These will be going on throughout the next few months to raise funds to successfully put together this project. We will be looking to involve local businesses to get involved so that as many people as possible can benefit from this event within the local community.

We also plan to organize a Framers Market to be held within Laurencekirk Town Centre later in the year once the weather improves slightly.

The LBC are always looking for new members to join so all are invited to head along for a coffee without any commitment to joining.

The next Laurencekirk Business Club meeting will be held on Tuesday the May 7 at 2pm.

Quote of the week ‘ The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others’ Hasidic saying.