Flats “deplorable”

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Stonehaven Councillors at this weeks Stonehaven and District Community Council meeting hit out at the Aberdeenshire Council build at Arduthie Gardens.

Councillor Mike Sullivan described tha flats as “deplorable.”

Councillor Wendy Agnew echoed his feeling describing the build as “mislead.” This follows much debate over the building which appears to not reflect what was originally presented in the planning application.

At Tuesday’s meeting the Community Council examined the original drawings for the flats and foud a number of discrepancies.

One of the main issues raised over the building is that in the drawings which were originally presented, the new flats had the same roof line as existing buildings in the area. However as the development has been built it has become clear that this is not the case.

The Community Council had received a letter from Aberdeenshire Council about the build however one Community Councillor described the letter as not being an apology but rather a note of regret.

The concern was raised that the architect who designed the build at Arduthie Gardens also designed the new care home which is being developed. The Community Council expressed their worry that the same thing could happen again.

Councillor Sullivan expressed his frustration at the issue and explained why Stonehaven has planning problems. He said: “One of the things which depresses me is that there are twelve of us (Councillors) in the Area but only four of us concerned with Stonehaven.”

He explained that the other eight members do not understand the issues facing Stonehaven and often the Sotnehaven Councillors get “trampled” on and there views are not always heard.

He emphasised however that this does not happen all the time.

This is not the first time concern has been raised over the building of flats on Arduthie Gardens.

One Community COuncillor explained that as far back as 2010 concerns were raised.

He said: “On the 11 October 2010 when this first came out a resident sent a document where he where he points out technically that the design is wrong.”

It was also pointed out in the discussion that te job of the planning department is to “protect” residents, however the Community Council feel that in this case this was not done.

Councillor Wendy Agnew said at the meeting that she was going to set up a motion that those responsible for the build be made to justify their actions at a future Community Council meeting. This was met with enthusiasm by the Councillors and Community Council members in attendance.

Building in Arduthie Gardens continues.