Flood Aid Centre expresses its thanks

The Flood Aid Centre ladies will be closing their headquarters in Stonehaven Town Hall after Sunday. Thereafter, donations of furniture and household goods, not clothing, will be accepted by Wendy Agnew 01569 763462 or STRA 01569 766108, who will arrange collection of larger furniture.

There will be a sale in the Town Hall from 2-4pm on Sunday of new/nearly new clothing and toys.

Spokesperson Ruby Buchanan says the centre ladies thank everyone who generously donated and gave their time to assist.

Thanks also go to hallkeeper Avril Archibald and the big stores who gave large amounts of food, clothing, electrics and toys.

The Rotary, Round Table and Lions have all been involved and Ruby says Stonehaven is a great wee town which looks after its own.

Ruby concludes by paying tribute to the organisers of the Fireballs and the Hogmanay in the Square events for cheering everyone up and bringing so much business to the town.

The Flood Aid Centre has received a great many cash donations for the flood appeal.

One such donation, from a Mick and Mandy in Derbyshire, simply said: “This is not much, but we hope you get a lot more to help you get back to normal. Our love and thoughts are with you.”