Flood defences worked at Fettercairn

fettercairn’s new flood defence system “worked” when put to its first real test during the heavy rain of Friday, October 12.

Mearns Community Council were told by village representatives Alan Mowat and Andrew Hayes that everything seemed to operate as intended.

Mr Hayes said that the water did not go away from the attenuation areas because an outflow pipe was located too high.

This left four and a half foot of water in the field, which was a danger to children.

“At least the rain proved the system worked and nobody was flooded.”

Councillor Bill Howatson said there has been one or two leaks from the burn bank along Burnside Road and these would be attended to.

Mr Mowat said the area downstream of the village by the sewage works was badly flooded as often happens.

“This stretch of the burn did not get dredged so two or three houses may have been affected, but this was the biggest flood Fettercairn has had for perhaps ten years.

“The North Esk at Northwaterbridge rose by 1.5m in half an hour. But for the flood measures, Fettercairn would certainly have been flooded.”