Flood measures a “waste of money”

Aberdeenshire Council’s long-awaited flood prevention measures for Fettercairn have been labelled “a waste of money” by village representative on Mearns Community Council, Alan Mowat.

Mr Mowat said: “I still feel putting the water to the Black Burn would have been the better option.

“I am confused as first the council’s plan (for storeage of water in a field) was viable, then it wasn’t, then it was viable again.”

Councillor Tom Fleming said the fault lay with SEPA who held things up a long time before finally giving their approval.

Chairman David Nelson said he had been approached about the safety of the bunded area when it was full of water and asked if it was going to be fenced off to keep children out.

Councillor Fleming said the measures were designed to cope with a one in 20 year event.

Mr Mowat said it was not really an issue.

“When the bund is full in the event of a flood, the burn itself is going to be a raging torrent. Are you going to fence that off as well?”

Road markings which have disappeared are creating a problem in the centre of Fettercairn.

Mr Mowat said that where the road from Cairn o’ Mount comes into the village at the village shop, an arrow indicating go left has been worn away, with the result that some vehicles are going straight on.

Councillor Fleming said the local authority were well aware of the situation.

Mr Mowat has called for the walk round the lake at Fasque to be included in a list of village walks.

He said that recently he has seen access to the pathway blocked.