Flood questions

The British Red Cross is asking the people of Stonehaven for advice on how they can do more to help flood victims.

The request comes two years after the floods that devastated parts of the town when the rivers Cowie and Carron burst their banks.

The humanitarian organisation is conducting research throughout the UK to find out how prepared communities are to deal with floods and what sort of help they think the Red Cross could give them.

In the past, the organisation has played a major role in crises caused by floods in Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.

Project supervisor Alison McNulty said: “We are asking the people of Stonehaven for their help in ensuring that our study is focusing on the most important aspects of flood recovery and to help us to ask the right questions.

“The aim of our project is to understand how people are affected by floods and how best to support them during and afterwards.

“Specifically, the study aims to identify the needs of those affected by floods and the range of services that need to be in place before, during, and after flooding occurs to help communities to cope in the aftermath of a deluge.

“The results from this project, including findings from national focus groups, questionnaires and interviews, will help the Red Cross and the voluntary and statutory sectors to more widely anticipate the needs of those affected by flooding and help to plan flood recovery work.”

For more information, or to volunteer to take part in the project, telephone Kimberley Rennick on 0207 8777100 or email research@redcross.org.uk