Flood wardens still needed for Stonehaven

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The latest meeting of the Flood Action Group has revealed that many areas of the town are still without full warden cover.

The Stonehaven Flood Action Group met on May 7 and they discussed a number of issues including flood zone coverage. There is still a need for flood wardens across many areas of Stonehaven, and the group is keen to make it clear that they are looking for wardens from outwith the flood zones - people from within the town who can assist during a flooding event or threat without having to protect their own property.

Flood warden, Amanda Irvine, was at the meeting and said she was “surprised” that, despite press coverage, there was still a need for wardens and she hoped that those from outwith the flood areas would come forward.

She said: “The difficulty now is that, in the event of a flood, I could be struggling to get my own home protected as well as alerting my neighbours, hence the need for outside help! Also, after last night’s meeting, I would like to say to anyone who may be interested in helping that the role of a flood warden is only to ALERT a small area of folk in a designated area with the help of others BEFORE the flood, you do not have to worry that you will be wading through waist high water. By that stage we are hoping that all properties and businesses will have been alerted and have there protection in place.

“After a flood, wardens are then to feed back information to the council about the extent of the flooding in their zone and any particular problems encountered by residents during the flood event, so they can be passed on to the relevant authorities to improve response operations in future events.”

A training day will be organised for the end of June for all flood wardens to attend. Anyone interested in becoming a flood warden should visit http://www.stonehavenfloodaction.org

The Group are also calling on those with properties at risk of flooding to find out what protection they require. The Scottish Flood Forum will do checks and advise what protection the property requires, free of charge. For this to be done contact Paul Hendy, Scottish Flood Forum.

The Flood Action Group are working hard to get funds in by the end of the year to assist in supplying these short term defences.

They have a number of events planned including a stall at the Feein’ Market on June 1.