Flyover takes a major step forward

A90/a937 junction
A90/a937 junction

A report which identifies a grade separated junction as the best solution for the dangerous A90/A937 at Laurencekirk has been welcomed by campaigners.

The solution comes following a detailed appraisal commissioned by Nestrans which considered the key transport problems, issues, opportunities and constraints on the corridor and developed objectives to appraise alternative options.

a grade-separated junction has been identified as the preferred option for improving the A90 at Laurencekirk.

a grade-separated junction has been identified as the preferred option for improving the A90 at Laurencekirk.

The study aimed to determine a robust solution for access between the A90 Trunk Road and Laurencekirk and north Angus areas which would meet local objectives.

Mearns Community Council commented: “Mearns Community Council welcomes the decision taken by the Scottish Government to build a grade separated junction on the A90 at Laurencekirk. It has been a long campaign with a great deal of hard work by the local community together with a prolonged effort by the Community Council. There has also been support from local Councillors and MSPs.

“We are slightly concerned that, at the present time, relevant details have not been published. It is imperative that work on the junction, or junctions, is not delayed and there is an urgent requirement for information regarding type of junction, positioning and proposed timescale.”

The study has identified opportunities to improve safety at nearby junctions through closures or access restrictions, although the optimum arrangement will require to be determined through more detailed design work.

News that a grade separated junction was preferred was met with joy and an outpouring of support to campaigners who have fought for over 10 years. Many well wishers posted on the A937/A90 junction campaign facebook page suggesting that the new junction should be called the ‘Fotheringham Flyover’ after prominent campaigner Jill Fotheringham.

Jill commented on the page: “Have read all the comments and I’m really touched and humbled by them all. Thank You. “But so many others have done so much to get us to this decision. From the flyover committee, other groups, individuals, councillors, msps over the years. I’m sure everyone including me, will continue to keep the pressure on the government until the diggers move in too.

“All I want is to see the flyover in place and to know we can all cross, safely and no other family will have to go through losing a loved one there.”

Nestrans Chair, Councilor Ramsay Milne, said: “I am pleased that this study has been completed and appreciate the work that has gone into it to identify the best possible solutions for Laurencekirk.

“I look forward to the discussion on how the outcomes of the report can be progressed.”

Minister for Transport and Islands, Derek Mackay, added: “The Scottish Government has been committed to improving the A90 at Laurencekirk and the identification of a grade-separated junction for the route will be welcomed by all those who have campaigned for such an upgrade. We will now work with our partners to progress this work further including discussions around funding.”