Fordoun Hall opinion survey

FORDOUN Village Hall Committee is carrying out a survey of hall users and residents, to see what improvements they would like to see at their hall.

In a questionnaire which is being distributed among residents, the hall committee say that Fordoun is very lucky to have a centrally located building, for use by all residents.

The village hall is an old building and desperately needs improvements to cater for the needs of its users.

Aberdeenshire Council have informed the hall committee that an amount of money, from a special fund, could be made available for improvements, both externally and internally.

To this end the hall committee are asking villagers to help them decide which potential improvements they consider the most important.

The hall committee have listed four possible improvements in their questionnaire.

These are: Revamping of the hall kitchen, including the installation of a double oven, fridge and freezer, additional shelving and the painting of the kitchen.

A new heating system throughout the hall and the lowering of the ceiling in the main hall to reduce heat loss.

Upgrading the disabled toilet, including a mother and baby station.

Resurfacing the tennis courts which would enable the reintroduction of tennis and five-a-side football.

Residents are being asked to grade these choices from one to four, with one being the most important.

They have also been invited to put forward suggestions of their own, outwith the four put forward by the committee and rank that suggestion in the same way.

The committee intend holding a public meeting in the village hall on Monday (August 15) at which their questionnaire will be circulated.

The village gala day on August 27 will also be used to inform as many people as possible and get their feedback.

There will be a stand at the gala at which the committee will answer questions if required and people will be able to return the questionnaire.