Four Stars upgrade for Maggie Law

The museum has been upgraded to a 4 star visitor attraction
The museum has been upgraded to a 4 star visitor attraction

Following assessment by Visit Scotland, the Maggie Law Maritime Museum in Gourdon has been upgraded to a four star visitor attraction.

The success makes it only the second four star attraction in the Mearns, the other being the Stonehaven Outdoor Pool.

The upgrade which was intimated, during the highly successful week of the Linton – Mowatt celebration events, has only been made public today after the official notification.

Dave Ramsay, Project Director said, “This is a tremendous achievement by the Museum volunteers, and this acknowledgement by Visit Scotland, is a real stamp of approval for the way the Museum and visitor services have developed over the three years since the Museum reopened.

“The present success of the Museum is due in part to Willie Munro and his Kincardine and Mearns Area Team of Aberdeenshire Council, for their financial support and advice in bringing the building back to life.

“Three years ago the Museum was shut down, run down and losing money, and has been dramatically turned around in a short period of time.”

The Museum has had over one thousand local and international visitors this year, generating a door donation total of over £5,000.

Newly elected Vice President, Jacky Niven said, “We are thrilled to have achieved this is indeed a testament to dedication, to vision and in the realisation that our community asset is much more than a building.

“It shares many stories, connects many lives and brings yesterday, today and tomorrow makes for a unique visitor experience.”

During the winter season, the museum which is on William Street Gourdon is open Saturday and Sunday from 1pm – 4.30pm. The museum is an old two-storey coastguard building, which sits beside the old harbour and slipway in the centre of Gourdon.