Free art show at Montrose Library

montrose artists
montrose artists

Four friends have got together to produce an interesting display of Art Work to be shown at the Montrose Library on Saturday, August 24.

This will be the first time the artists will have exhibited together.

Joyce McIntosh, a local artist who is inspired by the moods and serenity of the Scottish Landscape.

Catherine Reid, painting mainly in acrylics has produced an eclectic body of work inspired by local imagery.

Richard Wardell finds creativity both as a Folk-Blues musician and a watercolourist, likes to see the specialness of the ordinary and works with his own inner vision.

David Wells who has been painting since his teenage years, works mainly with watercolour to capture the natural world through a broad range of subjects and moods.

The lively and colourful exhibition, will run from August 24 until Saturday, September 7, at the Montrose Library, 214 High Street, during library opening hours.