Friends of pool disappointed

It is believed the 11-year-old boy who was found at the bottom of Stonehaven’s Open Air Pool is home safe and well after a stay in Edinburgh’s sick children’s hospital over the weekend.

The Stonehaven Open Air Pool has remained closed since he was recsusitated and taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on Thursday. The primary seven pupil was on a school trip from Ferryhill Primary when the incident happened.

Following this, Friends of Stonehaven Open Air Pool, who carry out a great amount of work on the attraction every year prior to its opening, remain confused about why the outdoor pool is still planned to be closed over the coming weekend.

One of the volunteers, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they have worked incredibly hard for months before the pool opening to allow it to be ready for the summer holidays.

“We were shocked about what happened to the little boy, and of course were thinking about him, but we’re left confused as to why the pool is still going to be closed this weekend. If an accident was to happen in a shop, the shop probably wouldn’t remain closed for over a week. We just don’t understand what is taking so long for health and safety to investigate and we’re not getting any answers either.

“We’ve got the folk festival and aqua ceilidh coming up and its a shame that the pool will remain closed this weekend. We know a lot of people come from afar to visit the pool and have planned to do so in their first few weeks of the summer holidays.

“We were really disappointed to hear that the pool won’t be available for people to use over the weekend as we all worked incredibly hard. We worked in the snow, hail, rain, cold, you name it, to get the pool opened. We’re all in our sixties, seventies and even eighties and by us volunteering to do this work we save the council around £30,000 a year.

“We are really worried that the council is using this incident as an excuse to close down the pool and get rid of it altogether, which we of course don’t want to see happen”.

The pool, which is believed to remain closed for as long as health and safety investigations take place, is a popular tourist attraction with tens of thousands of people visiting it every year.