From our files May 15

This week we bring you what happened in the Mearns from our own archives.

25 YEARS AGO - May 18th 1990

Hopes of a permanent centre for children and teenagers at Inverbervie, to be used as a staffed advice unit and meeting point, have been crushed by Kincardine/Deeside District Council - a plea from Community Education workers and teenagers in the town, to site a residential caravan as part of a youth project, being turned down flat at last Thursday’s meeting of the environmental services/general purposes/recreation committee.

Community Education worker Miss Anne McIntosh had written to the District Council requesting allocation of a piece of ground in the car park by the beach at Inverbervie. She was hoping to use the car park as a site for the 40-foot caravan, donated in April by Angus Printers of Brechin. Miss McIntosh and her colleagues had seen teh gift as a huge step forward in their battle against lack of youth facilities in the town.

But the reccommendation of the Director of Environmental Services, Mr Laurence Borthwick, was tor efuse the request because he did “not consider the location suitable for the provision of what would effectively be a permananent building.”

Miss McIntosh said she was very disappointed and said: “We’ll be appealing against the decision. And I’m hopeful of drumming up support from councillors.”

There has been a negative reaction from residents to the project.

50 YEARS AGO - May 14th 1965

Stonehaven Town Council’s patience is wearing thin as far as the contractors for certain housing schemes in the town are concerned.

The s-called “Fishermen’s Houses” at the Old Town were started in December, 1963, but not one house is yet ready for occupation. At least two other smaller smaller building prospects are almost as badly affected.

The matter was raised at today’s meeting of the council by Dean of Guild Dr Barclay, who was rightly perturbed, not only at the building delay, but also at the loss to the town through the interest on borrowed money from which there is at present no return.

Stonehaven is not the only burgh to suffer from this sort of thing, and there must be few local authorities thourghout the length and breadth of the land who have not at one time or another had the same bother.

None of the Stonehaven schemes are big ones, but they are being carried out by local contractors, who should realise the implications of taking on small jobs to give employment to their men when they would otherwide be idle. They and the men they employ are being penalised by paying rates on houses for which no rents can be collected, and they would do well to show a little more community spirit.

100 YEARS AG0 - May 20th 1915

The Burgh Surveyor and his staff have not allowed the grass to grow under their feet since they received the Town Council’s consent to lay a stretch of Dunnottar Avenue with tar-binding.

The apparatus arrived in the beginning of the week. Work has already been commenced on the road, a thin cutting being taken off the top and a solid layer of macadam laid down.


The Stonehaven fishermen have not been long in proving, that the motor boats are a distinct improvement on the sailing yawls.

During the past few weeks, some of the men, not satisfied with the prices for fish secured locally, have been landing their shots at Aberdeen, where, of course, in spite of the huge trawling industry, fresh, line-caught fish are always in good demand. The fishermen are to be congratulated on their enterprise.


Mr E. McIntosh, 49 Cameron Street, Stonehaven has been appointed to take charge of the Telephone Exchange, Stonehaven, and will take up duty at an early date. Up till a few years ago, when he retired, Mr McIntosh was Chief Lighthouse keeper at Tod Head Lighthouse.