From the Files

What happened in the Mearns from our very own achives.

25 YEARS AGO - Friday July 20th, 1990

Stonehaven’s young skateboard enthusiasts will have to wait and see whether the District Council will build facilities for them - following a report put before councillors by leisure/recreation officer, Mr John Wombell, about a meeting he had with local youngsters to discuss possible sites available in the town.

Following this, young Christopher Parker, 14 Malcolms Mount, wrote to the council asking for a “mini ramp” to be built at Mineralwell, beside the existing play equipment. Christopher pointed out that it was dangerous to skateboard in the street and his neighbours were always complaining about them making too much noise, and telling them to skateboard elsewhere. But they had nowhere to go. Cncr. Dr Gordon Walkdenthought they should let these young people go ahead and raise money towards the project.

An alternative piece of ground in the town might be available, said Stonehaven North Cncr. Doreen Ewing, and her suggestion that a meeting be held with the person willing to provide this ground, before going further with the matter, was adopted. However, Cncr. William Eddie, Johnshaven/Inverbervie, commented that a few years ago they had provided a BMX track which was unused, and the skateboard scheme would go the same way, in his opinion.

50 YEARS AGO - Friday July 16th, 1965

The massive build up of traffic on Stonehaven’s main street last weekend increased the forebodings of many about what it will be like when the holiday season gets going in earnest.

Some of them blame the traffic lights, but the stoppages they enforce are necessary, as one cannot have traffic emerging from the Market Square held up indefinitely.

Policemen on points duty might alleviate the trouble at certain periods - and they may yet have to be resorted to - but it is almost the first time Stonehaven has suffered from traffic congestion so it is all a little strange.

Places in the south have had this problem for a long time, but in most cases it has been overcome by the creation of by-passes. Unfortunately, the Stonehaven by-pass is a thing of the nebulous future, and by the time it materialises goodness knows to what dimension road traffic will have grown.

Some slight improvement might be got by prohibiting the parking of vehicles along the length of Allardice Street, but there, too, there are snags. It therefore seems that the only thing to do is grin and bear the inconvenience!


The sandcastle competition attracted 50 entries.

100 YEARS AGO - Friday July 22nd, 1915

So many people in Stonehaven have relatives or friends in the 7th Gordons, that the Cinema Exhibition to be given in the Town Hall tomorrow night cannot but prove interesting.

The chief pictures of the exhibition of course, will be those showing the different platoons of the various companies undergoing training at Bedford. People have seent he pictures in other places say that the members of the various platoons are clearly recognisable and this should add immenseley to the interest of the exhibition.

The performance is under the auspices of the County Territorial Association who hope it will materially stimulate recruiting in the District.


The Town Band will make its first appearance of the season in the Market Square tonight. Like many other bands the Stonehaven one has suffered from the war, many of its players being now on service. The vacant places have been filled, however, and with the leaven of the few older players remaining it is hoped that the dozen or so of young performers will give a good account of themselves. The funds of the band are always in need of repleneshing and the collections we understand will this summer be made by some of the Boy Scouts.