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From our own archives we bring you what happened in the Mearns in history.


Friday December 21 1990

Portlethen Community Council was in serious jeopardy after the shock resignation last Wednesday of chairman, Mr John Dunn - who quit in disgust at the treatment meted out to his council by the local authorities - and who was joined by three other councillors. Mr Dunn resigned after claiming his council had been rendered impotent by the refusal of both the Regional and District authorities to take the community’s views seriously.

He was followed by vice-chairman Dr. Roddy Owens, and councillors, Mr Robb Gibb and Mr Jim Richardson.. Secretary, Mrs Veronica Bates confirmed to the Leader on Tuesday that she too would be resigning if Mr Dunn and Mr Owens maintained their resignations.

The Leader has learned that a fifth councillor has also resigned since the meeting. A total of six councillors remain as members of the community council.

All those who quit are disgusted at the attitude of Kincardine/ Deeside District Council and Grampian Regional Council towards the people of Portlethen. They accuse the local authorities of doing exactly what they want, without any regard for local opinion.

“They think the people of Portlethen are a joke,” said secretary Mrs Veronica Bates. “They think they will put up with anything.”


Friday December 17 1965

Stonehaven is more optimistic about its future allocation of houses following a visit by Provost Tom Christie and Bailie Dr D Barclay, housing convener, to the Scottish Development Department in Edinburgh. This was reported to the town council on Tuesday.

“We met the officials of the development department and I think that we’ll get a larger allocation,” said Bailie Dr Barclay.

Mr W. A. Hill, burgh surveyor, submitted a statement which showed that departmental approval had been given for 48 houses on the last application, and that 32 of that quota remained.

Mr Will calculated that at the moment 93 houses were needed for people in the usual categories, plus three key workers.

In addition, any temporary houses replaced would mean an addition to his figures.

That brought out an under provision of 64, less an allowance for the usual annual vacancies of 12, plus the pre-fab replacement of 25.

When the housing committee considered the matter it was agreed that the department should be asked to give authority for that number at least, and to ask them to take a more generous line in regard to authorisations to permit an extension or widening of the categories.


Thursday December 23 1916

Gifts For Local Soldiers.

- During the past week, Provost Greig has, in connection with his Xmas Present Fund for Local Soldiers, dispatched handsome presents to the men connected with Stonehaven on active service.


The gifts so far sent on include 500 currant loaves of 2.5lbs, each, 1,000 bars of chocolate, and a number of mealy puddings.


A number of plum puddings has been sent to the men attached to the fleet.



- There was a distressing shooting accident near the Scouts’ Hall, Cowie, on Saturday evening, by which John Balneaves, the 11-year-old son of Mr John Balneaves, 100 Barclay Street, Stonehaven, received injuries to one of his eyes.

It appears that a number of boys had got access to the Boy Scouts’ Hall, and had secured an airgun, with which they were amusing themselves in the Pleasure Park adjoining the hall.


One of his comrades accidentally shot Balneaves in the eye.

He was attended by Dr Burns,

who ordered his removal to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.