From the Files

From our own archive, we bring you what happened in the Mearns in history.

25 YEARS AGO - Friday March 1st 1991

Youth club first for Stonehaven - Stonehaven youngsters between the ages of five and 12 could soon be enjoying their very own youth club. An investigation by Stonehaven development worker Mrs Carol Maitland revealed that youth club facilities for under-12s in the town are virtually non-existent.


Mrs Maitland wants to change all that - and as part of her remit, has set about drumming up local support.

Already she has secured the assistance of Carronhill School, “which I’m confident we’ll be able to get the use of on a regular basis, probably on Thursday evenings.”


If the use of Carronhill School is a success, then Mrs Maitland would like to see a similar facility set up in the “Ault Toon”, as some Stonehaven residents, it seems, believe Carronhill is too far away, and want the facility right on their own doorstep.


Questionnaires sent out by Mrs Maitland produced overwhelming support for a youth club - from parents as well as children.

Mrs Maitland would like to see that support transformed into action, and to gauge the level of enthusiasm, she has called a public meeting, to be held in Carronhill School on Thursday, March 14, at 7 p.m.

50 YEARS AGO - Friday February 25th 1961

“Whit aboot a nicht oot” - Fordoun farmer got wrong number - Conversation costs a £5 fine.

Stonehaven Sheriff Court was told on Wednesday that a 39-years-old Fordoun farmer had, in trying to ‘phone home to his wife from an Inverbervie hotel, got the wrong number and asked a woman he did not know for “a nicht oot”.

In imposing a fine of £5 on Andrew Knowles Irvine, Wairds of Alpity, Fordoun, who altered a plea of not guilty to one of guilty of committing a breach of the peace, Sheriff Aikman Smith said: “You obviously annoyed this lady and caused the telephone people and the police a certain amount of trouble.”

The fiscal, Mr W. B. Agnew, said Irvine made a phonecall to a Fordoun woman and made suggestive remarks which upset her after she persistently asked him who he was.

Mr Agnew said the woman told him, “This is Fordoun 264”. He replied, “Fordoun 246”, and she said, “No, Fordoun 264”.

In the conversation that followed Irvine said, “Ach, you will dae - whit aboot a nicht oot wi’ you?”

After he had again been asked who he was, Irvine said: “Ach you’re feered, you’re feered to come out wi me.”

Mr Agnew said that apparently Mr Irvine was under the infuence. The woman’s husband contacted police.

100 YEARS AGO - Thursday February 24th 1916

The damage at the harbour - The minutes were read of a special meeting of the trustees held on 13th of January, when the board had under consideration the question of the damage at the harbour caused by the recent storm.

The breakwater was examined by Dr Nicol, the Fishery Board’s inspector at a meeting of the Stonehaven Harbour Board held in the council chamber on Tuesday evening - Provost Greig presiding over a good attendance of the trustees.

It was suggested that temporary steps should be taken to make the concrete work more secure by means of chains and couplings and Mr Murray, the Harbour Board’s inspector of works was authorised to get these instructions carried out.

It was intimated by the clerk that these measures had been carried out at a total cost of £37 4s 4d.


Appointments of pilots - It was agreed to appoint Mssrs Robert Davidson and William Leiper to be pilots to be pilots for the coming year, and Mssrs William Park and William Valentine weighers. The harbourmaster submitted a scale of increased piloting charges, which he suggested should be instituted, and this matter was remitted to the works committee for consideration.