Frustration at dog mess

A PROBLEM with dog owners who don’t clear up their pet’s mess in Mineralwell Park has left youth football teams in the town frustrated following several instances of falling in the foul mess during practice and matches. Despite coaches attempts to clear the pitch prior to the youngsters arriving, the amount of mess has meant that some can be overlooked.

Stonehaven and Lower Deeside Councillor Graeme Clark said: “This is a serious problem for the footballers. Recently most dog-owners have been carrying plastic bags for their dog mess and depositing the bags in the council’s bins. The message has obviously not got through to all dog-owners and the football club have been left with the consequences. Can I appeal to these people to think of the players and any youngsters who may be playing in the park.”

Ian Robertson, Head of Protective Services and Waste Management for Aberdeenshire Council, said: “We urge all dog owners to take responsibility for their pets by tidying any mess made in public spaces and making use of the nearest available doggie or litter bin.

“Aberdeenshire Council has three dog wardens based in south, central and north Aberdeenshire who rely on information from residents about people not cleaning up after their pets so that they can investigate any issues. They also do a lot of proactive work in terms of making pet owners aware of their responsibilities. If anyone has information about someone they suspect is not taking appropriate responsibility for their dog, they should call 01569 768224.

“Dog wardens are not responsible for cleaning up dog mess, though, and communities are encouraged to take a proactive approach to dealing with this issue. At this time of year we often see an increase in complaints about dog mess as many owners are genuinely ‘caught out in the dark’ and we would encourage dog walkers to take care that all mess is collected. Anyone with a significant concern should contact the Wasteline on 0845 600 3900.”