Frustration over notorious junction

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Residents have been left frustrated by the lack of details regarding the construction of a flyover at a notorious Laurencekirk junction.

There have been campaigns for over a decade to get a flyover built on the A90/ A9370 junction, and though NESTRANS - the transport partnership for Aberdeen City and Shire - has approved a report proposing a flyover, as yet, no concrete plans involving any kind of time table have been made.

The next meeting between NESTRANS, Transport Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council and Angus Council is not expected to be held until next spring.

Councillor Geroge Carr said: “I think the main concern is that NESTRANS has broken ranks and come forward with a one-junction option - they were part of the group where everyone was in in favour of a two-junction solution.

“They themselves said two junctions was the solution back in 2010.”

He added: “I think we in the North-East need to be talking with one voice.

It’s extremely disapointing and gives mixed messages to the Scottish government - we were all unanimous, but now what are the government supposed to think?

“I feel that we should all be unanimously backing up the two-junction option to anchor development and make Laurencekirk a safer place.”

There have been numerous fatalities at the junction over the past decade, and countless accidents - leading to much local compaigning for a flyover to be put in place.

Mike Robson, secretary for the Laurencekirk Development Trust, said that he and the community hope that no more deaths take place between now and when a final time table is put in place for the proposals.

He added: “The impact on road users attracts an extensive list from victims and their friends and families, to stressed road users and the economic and social disruption of communities in Angus and the Mearns.

“This is a struggle with a multiplicity of benefits to be resored.

“It is important for all of us to keep reminding those in authority of the need to remove the problem and return to a more acceptable normality.”

A spokesperson for Transport Scotland said: “The Scottish Government is committed to delivering a grade separated junction at Laurencekirk and we are already working with the two local authorities and NESTRANS on the next steps.

“However, considerable development work lies ahead and all partners must work together to ensure it is delivered for the benefit of road users and the local community in Laurencekirk.”