Further discussion for land train plan

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Councillors this week gave their backing to plans to make speed, height and weight restrictions on the Bervie Braes permanent.

However, the plans will be subject to a meeting between council officials and a group who would like to introduce a tourist train down the route.

The restrictions - a 20mph speed limit, three-tonne weight limit and a 2.2m width limit - would mean that the proposed land train would be unable to travel down the Braes, which lead from Dunnottar Castle down into Stonehaven.

The land train would weigh around three tonnes, meaning that when it was full of passengers, it would exceed the weight limit.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Kincardine and Mearns area committee, Councillor Peter Bellarby said that he would like to see allowances being made to accommodate the land train.

He said: “This land train is quite significant to tourism in Stonehaven.

“I would like to see an exception for local transport.”

Cllr Bellarby argued that at the time of year when the train would be full, the risk of landslips would be minimal. His point was supported by his fellow councillors.

Councillor Ian Mollison said: “I would like to support Stonehaven and tourism and I would hope we can come up with a common sense solution to meet everybody’s needs and resolve this in a sensible way.”

Addressing the meeting, a council officer explained that, while extensive work had been carried out to stabilise some areas of the braes, other parts were more vulnerable.

Consultants had recommended that nothing over three tonnes should be allowed to travel down it.

It was agreed to call a meeting between the land train organisers and council officials to discuss their options.