Further set back for Stonehaven Open Air Pool

Further investigations will take place to identify the cause of water purity issues at Stonehaven Open Air Pool after latest tests confirmed the continued presence of hydrocarbons in the water.

The new season opening at the pool was delayed to allow it to be refilled following water tests and it was hoped it could open to bathers this week.

But further detailed water quality testing has been undertaken, which has unfortunately highlighted continued purity issues.

Water quality testing is routinely done as part of preparations for the annual opening of the facility and is ongoing throughout the season.

During pre-season tests it was decided water quality required to be improved and, as a precaution, the pool was drained and cleaned.

The pool was refilled and reheated, but on completion of the work further testing established that hydrocarbons are still present.

It is hoped the continued issue may be resolved without the need to drain, refill and reheat the water in the pool.

Council officers have been working with the Friends of Stonehaven Open Air Pool, and have agreed a plan to try to remove the hydrocarbons from the water.

SEPA and the council’s own environmental health officers are also being consulted.

Following the efforts to purify the water, further tests will be carried out on Monday. (June 13)

Sport and Leisure Manager Tim Stephen said the results of the further test are obviously disappointing, but the safety and enjoyment of pool users is the top priority.

“We have been doing everything we can to try to get the pool open and we know this news will be a big disappointment to many people,” he said.

“However, we will continue to work hard to deal with this issue and get the open air pool open for the summer tourist season as soon as possible.

“We can only apologise to users of the pool and emphasise that we are working to re-open as soon as the water quality is shown to be of the highest standard.”

Friends of Stonehaven Open Air Pool chairman Mike Robins, said: “This testing is obviously done to ensure there is no risk to public safety and it’s unfortunate we haven’t been able to open as normal.

“We just have to wait as patiently as possible for all the necessary work to take place and will of course let the public know as soon as we are ready to welcome visitors for the new season.”