Gems on show at Mearns Probus Club

President Malcolm McCoig welcomed George Strang, from Stonehaven, to the latest meeting of the club.

His topic was on gemstones, minerals and rock samples and he had brought along an enormous amount of examples of his collection.

Originally from Glasgow, George is a retired civil engineer and stays in Stonehaven. Among his other interests is the running of the Tolbooth Museum at Stonehaven Harbour, where he assists with other volunteers in the displays and information when open to the public.

He admits that his lifetime collection has almost taken over his entire house and showed pictures of his wall displays, many cabinets, storage boxes and ornaments created from his collected samples.

Also on show were his pieces of equipment such as gauges, scales, hardness testers, various lights using U.V. and infra-red beams, microscope and polishing equipment.

During his address to his audience, he told of how he had acquired his rock samples, and how they were polished, graded and displayed as well as catalogued.

Scottish samples of agates and garnets were collected from nearby Usan and Montrose areas as well as from Mountains and seashores.

Minerals were described and identified how they differ from rocks and their physical characteristics, hardness and even their specific gravity numbers.

George is obviously very enthusiastic about his total collection.

He welcomed the members to view the tables spread over with his displays.

Greens, blues, reds, yellows right through the Spectrum were all on display among his samples.

To conclude the morning’s presentation Vice President Denis Bell thanked George on behalf of the club.