Get ready for winter chill

As we move into the winter months, Grampian Police along with other Scottish Police Forces, have advised drivers of what precautions they should be taking when undertaking any journey. Co-inciding with the end of British Summer Time and the clocks going back, last weekend was the ACPOS Get Ready for Winter Weekend.

Leslie Harrold, Road Safety Manager with Road Safety Grampian said, “Drivers must ensure that all their vehicle’s windows are clear of all ice or snow before setting off.

“Also, if the inside of the windscreen is steamed up, then put on the demister and wait until the screen is completely clear. They should not be driving off with just a small area cleared on their windscreen. They must be able to see all around their vehicle when they are on the road. It just means going out to your vehicle five to ten minutes earlier than usual to clear it.

“In the dark mornings and evenings, some drivers are still not using any lights or are only using sidelights. It is vitally important that other road users can see your vehicle when you are out on the road. When there is ever reduced visibility due to poor light or the weather conditions, you must use dipped headlights, not sidelights. Sidelights alone are completely in-effective! Drivers must ensure that all their lights are working and they should replace any faulty bulbs.

“Some drivers chose to drive with fog lights on, even when it is not foggy. This does not give you any better view of the road when it is not foggy, it simply dazzles other drivers. Fog lights must only be used when it is appropriate to do so and not used as some sort of ‘fashion accessory’ on the vehicle.

“When the road surface is wet or icy, drivers should slow down, leave a much bigger gap between them and the vehicle in front of them and allow more time to slow down and stop. If they brake sharply, they will simply increase their chances of skidding and losing control of their vehicle.”