Glenbervie Amateur Hortus Club Results

Glenbervie Amateur Hortus Club’s annual flower show and industrial exhibition at Glenbervie House was opened by Murray Mitchell.

The weather was fine and there was a good turn out of spectators. Exhibitors were also up in numbers, probably due to the good weather.

F. Craigmile, having the most points in pot plants, cut flowers, fruit and vegetables, won these cups. The children’s section was also very well supported.Newtonhill Pipe Band entertained in the afternoon and the children enjoyed the races and sports.


Mearns Leader Trophy for pot plants: F. Craigmile, Emslie Trophy for cut flowers: F. Craigmile; Arduthie Motors Trophy for fruit: F. Craigmile; Cuttie Soutar Trophy for vegetables: F. Craigmile; Mansfield Challenge Trophy for most points 1-4: F. Craigmile; Jim Skea Trophy for best exhibit 1-4: Mrs C. Smith; Floral Art Trophy: Mrs S. Craigmile; Scrimgeour Trophy for jams, jellies, etc: Mrs M. Mair; Tayson House Trophy for adult craft: Mrs H, Robson; Baking Trophy for adults: Mrs M. Mair; Auld Toon Baker Trophy for best exhibit for adult baking: Mrs E. Airth; Margaret Booth Trophy for most points 6-7-8: Mrs M. Mair; Cameron Trophy for under 16 years for baking: Louise Airth; Lady Arbuthnott Trophy for Secondary Pupils Craft: Bethany Cameron; Chilren’s Trophy for primary craft: Louise Airth and Gemma Ross; Rzechorek Shield for primary schools: Glenbervie; Rzechorek Shield for secondary schools: Mackie Academy; Village trophy for pets: Murray Taylor; Brae School challenge trophy for best exhibit for pot plants: Mrs C. Smith; The Macphie trophy for most points for pre-school: Nairn Lawson; The Wilson trophy for most points for primary 4-9: Louise Airth.

Special prizes - Best Exhibit: Fruit: Brian Grant; Vegetables: Colin Hay; Bowl of Cacti: F. Craigmile; Floral Art: Mrs M. Robson; Jams, Jellies, etc: Mrs S. Craigmile; Adult Craft: Mrs F. Cameron; Under 16s Baking: Bethany Cameron; Secondary pupils - section 24: Bethany Cameron; Painting No.31 (Seniors): Isabel Vertigans; Painting No. 31 (Juniors): Bethany Cameron; Pre-school 1-3: Nairn Lawson; Pre-school 32 & 33: Nairn Lawson; Floral & Veg Art under 10yrs: Murray Taylor; Floral & Veg Art over 10 yrs: Louise Airth; Best Bantam Hen: Isla Bell; Best Rabbit: Gemma Ross; Best Guinea Pig: Logan Gauld; Best Cockerel: Lathan Gauld; Best Hen: Murray Taylor; Best Pair of Ducks: Murray Taylor.