Glowing report for Auchenblae Primary

Auchenblae Primary School received a glowing report from Education Scotland
Auchenblae Primary School received a glowing report from Education Scotland

Auchenblae Primary School has received a glowing report from Education Scotland after a inspection and review of the school recently.

The school received eight ‘goods’ and four ‘very goods’ in the evaluations by Education Scotland.

The inspection report came out this Monday, September 29

The inspection report states: “Overall, the quality of children’s learning is good. The school has a clear vision which is underpinned by eight aims and six values, clearly displayed throughout the school.

“Children understand that these values help to ensure they benefit from positive learning experiences in school. Across the nursery and primary stages, children are polite, confident and very welcoming. They all feel safe and well cared for. At all stages, children respond well to positive and caring relationships with staff.”

The Aberdeenshire Council school has one recommendation. “The head teacher and staff should ensure that children’s next steps in learning are identified and used to plan activities that support children to achieve their full potential.”

The report found key strengths in the school including; Well-motivated, polite, enthusiastic and welcoming children. Improvements led by the headteacher resulting in extremely positive partnerships with parents and the local community. High-quality transition process between nursery class and primary which ensures children can build on their learning when they enter P1. Impressive and accessible environment for learning within the school grounds and the wider community.

The nursery received the biggest compliments as the improvements in performance, childrens experiences, quality of care and support and quality of evironment all received a ‘very good’ grade from the Care Inspectorate.

The school received a ‘good’ grade from the inspectorate in improvements in performance, learners experiences and meeting learners needs.

The report says: “We are satisfied with the overall quality of provision. We are confident that the school’s self-evaluation processes are leading to improvements. As a result, we will make no further visits in connection with this inspection.

As part of its arrangements for reporting to parents on the quality of education, Aberdeenshire Council will inform parents about the school’s progress.”

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Committee, Cllr Alison Evison, said: “I’m very pleased that Auchenblae nursery and primary school has received such a glowing report.

“It’s obvious that teachers have a clear vision and are supporting children who are well-motivated and enthusiastic to do their best.

“The nursery in particular has made excellent progress in improving the children’s experiences and performance and I’m sure staff will continue their work to challenge pupils to attain as highly as possible.”