Gourdon fish restaurant in Cullen Skink champs final

Alex: Shortlisted for the Cullen Skink World Championships
Alex: Shortlisted for the Cullen Skink World Championships

A Gourdon chef and restaurant owner will battle it out this month to have his Cullen Skink crowned the best in the world.

Alex Grahame, co-owner of Hornblower’s seafood restaurant and takeaway, has been shortlisted for the final of the Cullen Skink World Championships which will take place at the Cullen Bay Hotel on Sunday, November 22.

Alex’s recipe is influenced by his French cooking training and his wife Ruth’s Aberdonian heritage. His recipe also includes a French twist, paying homage to the area of France that the pair were married in.

Alex said: “Being a seafood restaurant, Cullen Skink has made regular appearances on the Hornblower’s menu for a number of years now and I’m delighted to have made the final six for the upcoming World Championship cook-off.

“Cullen Skink is one of Scotland’s signature dishes and it is important to do it justice every time it is made. Every dish that we serve at Hornblower’s is done so with love, care and attention to detail and our Cullen Skink is no different.

“My recipe follows aspects of the traditional Cullen Skink recipe but I’ve got a few things up my sleeve that will hopefully help it to stand out and make it a bit different to the norm, including haddock smoked in the traditional way here in Gourdon.

“I’m looking forward representing Hornblower’s at what is shaping up to be a fantastic event.”

Hornblower’s customers will be able to taste Alex’s take on Cullen Skink in the run-up to the final cook-off itself, with free tasters now available from its Gourdon premises.