‘Gourdon Grafters’ clean up the village

gourdon grafters
gourdon grafters

Around 18 volunteers turned up to help The Gourdon Grafters clear and replant an area at the village steps, and have more projects planned.

The Gourdon Grafters are a small group of residents whose mission is to improve some of the neglected areas of ground in the village. Sponsored by CSV Action Earth, who donated a grant of £250 towards the cost of plants, compost and other items, the group advertised the event at the Bervie Festival and by flyers around homes the previous week.

gourdon grafters

gourdon grafters

Gourdon Grafter’s Chairperson, Grace Ferguson, was delighted with the turn out.

She said: “People of all ages turned up to dig over the area and replant the top and bottom of the steps with plants.

“The top of the steps is ‘the hot spot,’ with red, yellow and orange plants and the bottom of the steps is the ‘cool’ area with white, blue and pink flowers.

“The ground was dry and hard, the incline was steep but the volunteers persevered to transfer the Pensioner’s Steps into an attractive border.”

Grace has appealed for help to complete the project, explaining “as this area is large, it is proposed to have a Phase 2 in the near future to tackle the 15 metre stretch of ground alongside the steps.”

The steps are well used by people in Gourdon, particularly older people and school children who live at the lower end of the village.

Secretary of the Gourdon Grafters ,Fergus Napier, added: “We were very satisfied with the end product and particularly the hard work, time and effort put in by our volunteers.

“Having removed the jungle of weeds, litter and dog mess we hope that the newly created flower beds/borders will be appreciated by villagers using the steps.

“The plan is to develop the site by the recycling depot at the junction of William Street/Brae Road at the edge of the Westport.”

This is the Grafter’s second project and first for 2013 with at least one more planned later this summer.

Visit the Gourdon Community website, www.gourdon-com.co.uk or contact Fergus Napier, Secretary/Treasurer at gourdon_grafters@hotmail.co.uk.