Gourdon man’s £10,000 medal

The BBC Antiques Roadshow two part special from Balmoral Castle ended on Sunday night with a collection of vintage medals.

Tuesday, 15th December 2015, 12:05 pm

John Henderson, who lives in Invergordon, brought the medals along which were won by his Grandfather, John Cargill from Gourdon.

John fought in both World Wars and served on the RMS Carpathia, the ship which rescued survivors of the Titanic disaster.

John received several awards for his valour and gallantry as well as a medal for rescuing the Titanic survivors.

Medal’s expert Mark Smith described the collection as “one of the most amazing groups of medals” he had ever seen before valuing them at £1,500.

However, it was the Carpathia medal which he said “made his year” just being able to hold.

He valued the Carpathia medal at a whopping £10,000 alone.

His grandson, who had a close relationship with his grandfather, always knew what the medal was but wasn’t aware of the value.

Mr Henderson said: “Him and I spent a lot of time together when I was younger and I was told all of his stories about the Titanic and both wars.

“He was an honorary member of the Titanic Society in American and would get visitors all the time.

“One was a woman who was rescued as a young girl by the Carpathia crew.”

John Cargill was a fisherman who spent all his life living in Gourdon.

He served in both the first and second World Wars in the army then in the Navy.

His grandson, John Henderson, was born in Montrose and brought up in Gourdon.

He attend Gourdon school and went to secondary school in Bervie.

When John inherited the medals he kept them in a 1914 Christmas Tin.

John still keeps the medals in the tin and told us he would never consider selling them.

“He was an absolute star” John told us.

“To have served in both World Wars in two different services is something special.

“I always used to say to him that if World War III kicked off he would probably go and join the RAF.”

The second part of The Antiques Roadshow - Balmoral Special aired on Sunday, December 13, and is currently still available to watch on the BBC Iplayer.

John’s segment is in the closing moments of the show.

The show was filmed at The Queen’s Deeside residence back in July and attracted crowds from all across the country.