Green Party campaign in Stonehaven

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National Green Party Co-convenor Patrick Harvie MSP was in Stonehaven on Saturday supporting Green council candidate Rachel Shanks’ campaign in the Stonehaven and Lower Deeside ward.

Rachel Shanks is a well-known local campaigner involved in a wide range of local groups, including the Stonehaven and District Community Council, the Tolbooth Museum and Mackie Academy Parent Council.

With four councillors to be elected under the proportional voting system, the Green Party is aiming for success in Stonehaven on 3 May.

Mr Harvie’s visit to Stonehaven is just part of a strong Green campaign in the Stonehaven and Lower Deeside ward.

Patrick Harvie and Rachel Shanks visited the Farmers’ Market in Stonehaven on Saturday morning. Later in the day Mr Harvie joined other Green Party supporters canvassing and delivering leaflets in the town.

Rachel Shanks said “Patrick and I enjoyed our tour of the Farmer’s Market. We have a great food and farming industry here in the north east and, rather than pasties, Patrick went away with some delicious chocolate, cheese and rapeseed oil.”

Patrick Harvie said: “Rachel Shanks is an outstanding candidate who would make a great councillor for Stonehaven and lower Deeside.”

Rachel Shanks said: “Our aim is to speak to as many residents as possible between now and 3 May and I would continue this if elected.”